• Hi Tight Arse Rovers, I dont think Graham is included in the results,however he did very well, his name was one of the JG workers.. you and Andy were joint top!! how exciting… congratulations to you both.. how does the winner be decided or do you both get a red letter day

      well done great competition


      • Thanks Woozy,

        Graham may not get a prize however he does get all the glory 🙂

        Andy – I only backed Argentina as I thought you would take a punt on them to make up the 7 points on me and this was the only way I could catch Graham. Backfired on me when you stuck with the favourites Germany and they won!! 🙂

        It comes down to the person with the most correct scores however I think we have both done okay.

        The premiership predictor is next so need to take the family on holiday to get some brownie points before the long hard season ahead 🙂



  1. Today’s Winner of the JGBM World Cup football is Simon(simonwest)! Congratulations Simon. Your football is on the way!

  2. Yesterday’s Top Scorer of the JGBM Prediction Game was Dale. Congratulations Dale! Good Luck to everyone with today’s predictions!

  3. Congratulations to Ian(ian.nethercot)& Joanna(WO) for getting the top scores over the weekend, your World Cup footballs are on the way!

  4. I have just fixed a bug where by the penalty prediction options were not showing on the add predictions page.
    If you had already predicted results for the last 16 (knock-out stages) please consider including any penalty options in your predictions. Thank you.

  5. Can you tell me, now we are in the knock out stage, are the predictions based on the score after 90 minutes or after extra time??? Thx

      • How come people who went for a Brazil win get 6pts as the result after 120 minutes was a draw? I predicted a 1-1 draw & only got 8pts!! I think the way u score the results need 2 be reviewed as it is aiding people who actually predict the wrong score!!

        • Re your previous point, I meant the ‘draw’ prediction result is only taken in to account after extra time and not after 90 minutes. This however is not the match result. The match result was a win to Brazil by 3 goals to 2. You scored 8 points, higher than most, 1 other predicted exactly and received 12. The penalties do make the scoring more difficult, and it may be something we look at changing for future competitions. Thanks.

          • Hi Mike

            Only me! I agree with Happy Hammer above, the score should be based on the extra time only, 120 minutes, not on the penalties, if some one has done 1-1 and the result was 1-1 then it should be full 12 points, if however the team wins on penalties then they receive just one point for the team winning outright on penalties.. as the game is about score predictions I believe he should get max points unlike the people who predicted the wrong results should not get any.. or if everyone does the penalty prediction as well then they can get extra points for that score..

            Great competition though!

          • Hi Woozy,
            Yes I agree it needs to change, we’ll see if we can incorporate a change for next time. Didn’t really want to tweak things at this late stage. Maybe just take penalties out of the equation altogether? We’ll see. Glad you’re having fun!

  6. Today’s Winner of the JGBM World Cup football is Chris(chrislance1)! Congratulations Chris. Your football is on the way!

  7. Yesterday’s Top Scorer of the JGBM Prediction Game was Peter(Peter Pull). Congratulations Peter! Good Luck to everyone with today’s predictions!

  8. Today’s Winner of the JGBM World Cup Prediction Game is Elaine(Elainegreen)! Congratulations Elaine, you were the top scorer!

  9. Congratulations to Steve (Tomsk), Joe (JoeKeech) & Richard (Glovers) for getting the top scores over the weekend, your World Cup footballs are on the way!

  10. Just noticed that this time it didnt save my predictions for the USA v Portugal game twice! Done them the same time as the other ones on that day so not sure why it missed this game?

    • Yes Lee, you were one of our daily top scorers! We have put it in the post for you today so hopefully it will be with you the beginning of next week. Best of luck with the rest of the game and hope you are having fun playing.

  11. Just so everybody is aware, the FREE footballs that we are giving away to the top scorer on multiple match days is an official World Cup ‘Brazil’ FIFA approved leather football, with hologram etc. as depicted here and on our promotional blurb. It is not however, the official FIFA ‘Match’ football. We had trouble getting hold of these as they are all being used at the moment! WCFootball

  12. Yesterday’s Top Scorer of the JGBM Prediction Game was Lee(leeknapton). Congratulations Lee! Good Luck to everyone with today’s predictions.

    • Hi HappyHammer

      looking at other predictions it seems if you get the correct prediction draw IE you pick 0-0 and the result is 0-0 you get the full 12 points 10 for the correct score plus the extra 1 point or each of the correct prediction.

      • So why don’t you get 6pts for predicting the result even if you get the score wrong as if u did for a win?

    • If you correctly predict the score of a draw you get 12 points. To be honest I can’t quite remember why you get only 4 points for predicting a draw but not the correct result. There was a logic to it though, based on probability, I’ll see what I can find out. It is the same for everyone though, so basically fortune favours the brave!

    • I believe it is because if you are predicting a draw, you have more chance of getting the full 10 points for correct score as realistically there are only really 3 or 4 outcomes at most. These being 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 & very rarely 3-3 or above. I believe if you look at the average odds offered by bookmakers, 1-1 is by far the most popular lowest odds and most frequent scoreline in football.
      If you are choosing a team to win there are many more variables 1-0 2-0 2-1 3-0 3-1 4-0 4-2 4-1 3-2 which are all scores which regularly come up.

  13. Congratulations to Lisa(lapples), yesterday’s ‘Daily Prize’ winner & top points scorer! Well Done Lisa and best of luck to everyone, lots more prizes still to be won!

  14. Congratulations to the weekend winners! Sammy(TBG-SB), Neil(Neilgov) & Tony(Tony Arthur), your World Cup footballs are on the way!

  15. TOP TIP: To help when adding a prediction you can click on a countries flag to see how well they fared in their previous matches. You can also see their group position, upcoming matches and their qualifying match results leading up to the World Cup.

  16. I seem to have missed some predictions, how did that happen?
    Started off well with the first two until Spain decided to go home early.

  17. 48% of you thought that England v Italy would result in a draw. 32 customers correctly predicted that Italy would win 2-1 and all earned 12 points each. Unsurprisingly, not one of you correctly predicted the Spain v Netherlands match!

  18. Congrats to Paul (Kopaloadofthis)! The first of our shiny new JGBM Fifa World Cup Footballs is heading your way! A whopping 67 people predicted the correct score of last night’s game! Good Luck with tonight’s predictions!

  19. We have a minor problem where the bonus points are not being added to the scores. Eg. All those that correctly predicted a 3 – 1 win to Brazil should actually have 12 points, 10 points plus a bonus point each for predicting the correct team score. We are hoping this will be corrected tonight.

  20. Stephen Hawking Gives His World Cup Predictions For England’s Success!
    The theoretical physicist reveals to BBC Newsnight the scientific analysis behind his 2014 World Cup predictions. Professor Hawking has spent the last month analysing every tournament since 1966 and has come up with answers for questions like who will be Englands top scorer and why we don’t fare very well with countries we have been at war with!

    So who will England’s top scorer be, Sturridge or Rooney?

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