The longest day golf challenge

JGBM take on longest day golf challenge to help local people fight cancer

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You can donate by clicking the link above or texting 70070 and send the message JGBM99 and a donation amount. Eg. TEXT ‘JGBM99 £10’ to 70070.

For the national Macmillan charity golf challenge JGBM have put a crack team of golfers together. The day entails four rounds of golf, near to the longest day of the year (Thurs 20th June in our case) – so that’s 16 hours of golf in one day, starting at 6am and finishing around 10pm! Of course, the team is of varying standards – headed by golf wizard and Team Captain Simon ‘Rigsby’ Sanders, who’s bunker play is legendary, check out the video above, backed up by Mike George, the Terry Griffiths of golf, who’ll ensure we have no chance of finishing even one round by 10pm. Aided by Jamie Mead who, given that he talks for England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, in fact most of the northern hemisphere, will also ensure we have no chance, in-ably backed up by John George, or Zigzag George as he’s known,  alternatively ‘John never knowingly landed a ball on a fairway George’. Wish us luck!

Help support our longest day golf challenge for Macmillan
Help support our longest day golf challenge for Macmillan


“Not only will we start at 6.00 am and play for about 16 hours – we will end up walking around 16 – 20 miles on the day!

We are taking on this challenge to help raise money for Macmillan who are totally funded by donations and invest in Nurses, Doctors, Cancer Support Centres, Financial Grants, Mobile Units and much more to help support local people fighting cancer. Every day twenty seven people in Devon and Cornwall hear the words ‘You have cancer’ and one in three of us will fight cancer in our lifetime. Macmillan aims to be there for everyone affected.  

We need your help – we want to raise £1000 for Macmillan as this will pay for hours of care and support from a Macmillan Nurse and make a difference to local people facing the toughest time of their lives.

Please support us by donating via our Just Giving Page –

Thank you for helping us make a difference!”


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