JGBM – New Augmented Reality Catalogue Available

We are proud to announce that at the end of March we are launching our new 2013 Office Machines catalogue as an ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR) edition. The catalogue, designed and developed by JGBM’s Marketing Dept., is the first of it’s kind for the Office Products channel.

Here is an excerpt from the February Edition of the Channel Info Magazine

JGBM scores with augmented reality first…

Marketing & IT Director Mike George says: “We’re always looking to push the frontiers in terms of utilising new technology and for this years’ catalogue we have created something different by incorporating AR technology”.

“Catalogue users who have a mobile device (smart phone or tablet) can download an Augmented Reality app, a link of which is on the JGBM website. Once installed on the mobile device, any (JGBM) catalogue page viewed through the app on the device will ‘spring to life’, effectively adding another dimension to the printed page!”
JGBM's 'Augmented Reality' catalogue...an OP Channel first!
“The existing static pages, once ‘AR’d’, will then display highly relevant clickable buttons such as web-links, pictures, video etc. For example you can buy direct from the JGBM website by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button that magically appears when hovering over a product.”

“Hover over a static advert and see a video that tells you all about the product, or click on the category and it will take you to the chosen category on our website. One of the problems with Augmented Reality apps has been that some only currently work on Apple iOS devices such as ‘String’, and others on Android, although eventually they may well be incorporated into the devices operating system. The App we use, however, is cross platform and is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices. Samsung are already bundling this technology in to their mobile products.”

Mike adds “One plan we have for the future is for a user to be able to view their current price and stock levels simply by hovering over the product pages. This technology is certainly a leap forward in helping bring the catalogue and printed page out of the dark ages.”

As ‘JGBM Marketing’ has effectively become a digital media operation over the years, such as filming and producing video for manufacturers, it will, later this year, be morphing into a ‘division of’ JGBM and will be renamed Skyrocket Digital Media.The Augmented Reality catalogue for JGBM is effectively Skyrocket’s first product, but officially the new division will come into being with the launch of a similarly cutting edge, innovative E-commerce website solution aimed specifically at the Office Products dealer, due for launch later this year.

Order your copy of the NEW JGBM ‘AR’ Catalogue here 

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