Philips takes a lead with green product packaging!

Today, more than ever, businesses are recognizing that climate change and global warming are real issues. Large corporations are acknowledging this and making changes within their businesses to cooperate with the Go-Green! movement.

The Go-Green movement identifies that the time is now to protect and preserve our surroundings, help reduce environmental damage and lower our carbon footprint. This is a global matter and has gained more attention than ever in recent times, with environmental protection and recycled materials becoming a way of life.

Philips Packaging Goes Green-er!

Among those taking action and improving their environmental impacts are electronic products giant, Phillips.

Philips have made several changes and implemented environmental improvements within their packaging. Philips defined their own criteria for their processes in sustainability and especially products that are called Green Products.

Their method behind this change has been by exploring and improving their six key Green Focal Areas. The Six elements include Energy, Packaging, Substances, Weight & Materials, Circularity and Lifetime. 

Philips, have explored the six eco-friendly areas. Within the area of Packaging, Philips have changed their strategy for B2B products. They have started to recognise that environmentally friendly products and packaging seem to be more in favor of all parties rather than fancy designs that aren’t so sustainable.

The Green Product Packaging In All It’s Glory

Philips are going full steam ahead in making packaging more sustainable. As a result, the Philips SpeechOnePhilips PocketMemo and the SpeechMike (LFH3200) are all shipped out in the new eco-friendly packaging. The exteriors make the already green packaging even more of a Green Product.

Phillips have minimized the resource consumption and environmental impact their products have as a result of using, bio-based and biodegradable materials in their packaging.

Green Products are defined as products that offer a significant environmental improvement in one or more green focal areas. Philips continuously improve these factors through firmware optimization and using energy-efficient components. Philips green product sales represented more than 60% of its total product sales in 2018.

Their ongoing aim is to reduce the total amount of plastic in future packaging. For their SpeechOne, Philips managed to further reduce the total plastic content to less than 2% of the entire packaging.

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