JGBM team up with Prima to offer integrated 20/20 Lite Technology Webshop

The Office Machines market is fast-paced! Compared to selling Stationery, a completely different methodology is required. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to be competitive without partnering with an expert tech distributor – JGBM – to deliver competitive street pricing, manufacturer promotions as they’re launched, unique content & more.

JGBM & Prima Team Up

We’ve worked closely with Prima to deliver 20/20 Lite Office Machines & Technology Webshop. Its key USP is that content is ‘managed by JGBM’ for you, and that it requires virtually none of your time. Its power comes from fresh content every day/week, and a competitive street price feed – incorporating the recently developed JGBM ISP ‘Intelligent Street Pricing’, product video, manufacturer promotions with countdown timers, unique product selectors etc.

20/20 Lite is seamlessly integrated with Prima and fires orders directly into your Prima back office. Use it as a standalone Technology Webshop or as a dedicated machines ‘Microsite’ that links to & from your PrimaGo website.

20/20 Lite together with Prima, delivers…

  • Your own branded Office Technology Webshop
  • Orders fire directly into Prima back office
  • 100% managed by JGBM category experts = ZERO maintenance for you
  • JGBM ‘ISP’ Intelligent Street Price feed – makes you ultra-competitive in Office Machines
  • 4,000 JGBM SKU’s – on average doubling your portfolio
  • Unique JGBM content – data, video etc. It’s not available elsewhere
  • Monthly manufacturer promotions – uploaded within 48hrs of launch
  • Countdown timers on promos to encourage purchasing
  • Unique product selectors for Printers, Shredders, Dictation etc.
  • Optional JGBM ‘consumer’ helpline – our product experts advise your customers of the correct product for purpose
  • Manufacturer banners link to promos
  • Stock updates every 5 minutes
  • Daily product and pricing updates
  • Strong feature-rich landing pages
  • Mobile and tablet ready – Cloud-based, delivering speed and scale


Your technology webshop becomes the hub for the latest industry offers & promotions. Daily, weekly, monthly, hourly promotions and banners appear automatically, driven by JGBM and manufacturers too. Your sell pricing is competitive so you’re ‘in the market’. Banners link through to dedicated landing pages that detail the promotion and list the relevant products. Countdown timers show how long each offer has to run, and products and images have a splash graphic linking to details of the offer. And your Sales Team use your technology webshop as a sales tool so they’re up to speed every day!


Now in its 43rd year, JGBM has a long award-winning history of expertise in the Office Machines category and a sales team trained by manufacturers on all products. JGBM Categories:

Dictation Labelling Machines
Binding Machines
Guillotines & Trimmers
Ergonomic Products

Projectors & Screens
Safety & Security
Electronic Reference
Cash Registers
Fax Machines
Compatible Toners
2 Way Radios
Air Products

Cleaning Products
Computer Software
Digital Cameras
Folding Machines
Pencil Sharpeners
Tablet & Smartphone
Vacuum Cleaners
Weighing Scales
and more…

What is ISP ‘Intelligent Street Pricing’?

We know where your (street) sell pricing should sit, whether at category or SKU level. Without ISP, or the time or capability to control pricing on the fly, it’s virtually impossible for you to be successful in the Office Machines category. JGBM ‘ISP’ resolves this without you needing to be involved. Pricing updates automatically overnight (you can still control margins yourself in the 2020 Lite admin area if preferred).

As the Office Technology market moves so quickly it’s essential that you engage your customers with a modern online solution that offers unique content, promos, stock & pricing – live as it happens. The 2020 Lite webshop is key to attracting a sale rather than dissuading your customers from coming to you for office machines. Worse still, putting them off you for all products. Combined with your local service – 2020Lite keeps you relevant in Office Machines!

See an example webshop here

What will it cost?

So how much does it cost to get COMPETITIVE in Office Machines – with a dedicated, full eCommerce website, unique managed data, promotions & ISP pricing?

Just £60/month + £150 set-up.

JGBM Catalogue & Feed ( *without a 20/20 Lite webshop* )
If you only require the enabling of the JGBM Catalogue and cost price feed for your existing Prima system, full details here Prima Marketplace.

Ensure you have a modern online offering and kickstart your Office Machines sales with a 20/20 Lite Tech webshop.

For further details please contact Mark Smith at JGBM, 01752 330044

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  1. Hello,

    I’m keen to know more about your 20/20 lite webshop.

    1 Do you need to sign up for a set period of time ?
    2 What are the exact fees ?
    3 Do you fulfill the orders ?



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