Now For Some Proper Football

You have to say England got what they deserved. As much as watching the old enemy play us off the park is as painful as it gets, in a strange way I actually enjoyed it! Perhaps at last the press will take off their rose-tinted glasses and realise we are not as good as they would have us believe.

" john lennon or a Typical English Journalist "

Don’t let the Lampard goal ‘that wasn’t’ gloss over an absolute embarrassment of a performance. The defending was a farce and not something I would expect even at under 14 level. I am not entirely convinced that Terry and Upson had been introduced to each other, such was the divide between them! What of Capello I hear you ask – we paid him £6 million to come up with that! Is it me or do we at least need an English manager who understands the passion and commitment that we insist the team are to play with, to go out with a whimper is simply not good enough.

Now we move on to hopefully some quality football from teams who play the game the right way and realise that a ball is not a hot potato and can be kept for longer than 2 seconds! Pass and move is the way the game should be played – keep the ball and make your opponents work hard to win it back. Look at Spain, Brazil and Holland. Even the African giants Ghana, who are still totally naive in most areas, have so much more technical ability than us!

Down and Out

So sit back with a beer relax and enjoy the remaining games, don’t feel sorry for our boys I’m not sure the’re bothered anyway. Come the Premiership kick off they will still be picking up in excess of £100,00 per week and that, it seems, if you play for England, is all that really matters..

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