Our Wimbledon Caption Competition – Week 1!

July 4, 2017 | By | 36 Replies More

Thanks for getting into the Wimbledon spirit with our caption competition, we had great fun reading all of the comments! 

Congratulations to Paul from Yorkshire who commented with the winning caption from week 1:

“This year the men’s final will be held on the new ‘Left of Centre Court!” 

 Keep an eye on the post, your prizes are on the way!

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Comments (36)

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  1. ken Wilkinson says:

    Spectator saying=”Blimey,you`d think Clare Balding would have a shave before appearing on TV”.

  2. Kieran Walsh says:

    Brexit is a bit of a racket!, and “Thersa May”,Has not got the balls for it.

  3. Mark says:

    “Thank you, here’s one you might know”………….

    and now the end is near
    and so I face the final curtain

  4. Mark says:

    Wimbledon fans fury as new series of
    “Britains got talent” aired instead of Murray Match

  5. Wendy Harding says:

    Come on Jeremy !! Whoops I mean Andy

  6. Gill Cooper says:

    I’ve got the balls, but do you have the balls to join me?

  7. Danny Mason says:

    “Theresa, will you marry me?”

  8. Jenny Gilbert says:

    Come back Cliff, all is forgiven!!

  9. Colin Hammond says:

    Comrades, I’ve gone from match point down to serving for the Championship…!

  10. Mick Smith says:

    I’ve lost my balls, has anyone seen them?

  11. Mick Smith says:

    No Balls Please!

  12. Gregory Harris says:

    Thank goodness JC’s here, if it was Mrs May the tennis would be stalled by constant shouts of OUT!

  13. Dana Whitehouse says:

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you’re under. You will tick the box that says Labour . Three, two, one… You’re back in the room.

  14. Dana Whitehouse says:

    Dont worry about losing in the final Andy, in my book that means you have won!

  15. Carol Howell says:

    LET me take the ADVANTAGE, Its all a RACKET just look at their NET worth? I can BREAK them I can SMASH them.

  16. NEIL SHAW says:

    I would like to dedicate this one to Theresa May ” She,s just a devil woman.

  17. Adrian Carter says:

    By Working with a coalition of Quarter Finalists I can still be Wimbledon Champion in a couple of weeks time!

  18. Cheryl Lovell says:

    Theresa May !!!!! YOU CANT BE SERIOUS !!

  19. Dan L says:

    “Urmm hello, we appear to have misplaced our magic money tree, if anyone has any information on its whereabouts please call me on 077… – ps WENGER OUT!”

  20. Graham Burton says:

    Sadly, there’s nothing funny about me but rest assured, everyone will win under Labour. Everyone will be equal. Everyone will have to pay for it, just like you’re still paying for the 18 years of the Blair & Brown reign. Get real Jesa!

  21. Harry says:

    “There’s so many rackets here, I didn’t know my old pal Gerry Adams was in charge of Wimbledon this year!”

  22. Paul Ramsden says:

    “This year the men’s final will be held on the new ‘Left of Centre Court!”

  23. andy Dawson says:

    “NEW BALLS PLEASE! Theresa has given mine chewing again!”

  24. Paul says:

    Has anyone seen a yellow tennis ball?

  25. Angela Dolan says:

    “Here I am yes !! In court and still talking a load of Ballocks !!!

  26. Michael Deane says:

    Has anyone seen Diane Abbott?

  27. Brian Gordon says:

    2,3,4, everyone join in, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony”.

  28. Peter Pull says:

    I definately havent got the balls for governement

  29. Chris Baillie says:

    Crikey, Cliff Richard’s let himself go.

  30. andy Dawson says:

    right you lot I don’t want a repeat of Glastonbury this time take your rubbish with you!

  31. Mark S says:

    Never gonna give you up,
    Never gonna let you down…

  32. Rob Coish says:

    “On behalf of myself and Diane Abbott we’d like to welcome you all to the the “National Swingers Championships” This year there will be strictly no creaming Diane’s strawberries! – Fully costed strawberries I might add”!

  33. Lance Rice says:

    Comrades, for today only. Free Strawberries ,cream and Pimms. This is being funded by the IMF.

  34. Dave Messenger says:

    Murray is leading by err… 15 love, or it is 30? I’ll ask Diane Abbott, she’s good with numbers.

  35. Chris Baker says:

    “You used to be sitting on a mountain, then it was a hill, now it’s only a mound…….all of this under the leadership of the Tories”

  36. Craig Elliott says:

    “Thank you Glastonbury!”

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