Our ‘Cheeky’ Wimbledon Caption Competition – 2nd Week!

July 10, 2017 | By | 77 Replies More

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Wimbledon themed caption competitions, we had great fun reading all of the comments!

Congratulations to Neil from Surrey who commented with the winning caption from week 2:

“Err, now I’m not sure if this is what the Dr meant when he said to strip off and get in front of some fans when I had my next hot flush?”
 Keep an eye on the post, your prizes are on the way!


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Comments (77)

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  1. Graham Brown says:

    Fake News! Another cock and ball story about Wimbledon.

  2. Chris Baillie says:

    Snapchat novice doesn’t understand the Dick Pic

  3. GRAHAM says:

    New balls please and with the size of that tennis racket you cannot be serious

  4. Aaron says:

    Lets play baseball instead!

  5. Neil G says:

    Err, now I’m not sure if this is what the Dr meant when he said to strip off and get in front of some fans when I had my next hot flush?

  6. ROY SKINNER says:


  7. Chris Avery says:

    Upon winning his 3rd Wimbledon title and with the Queen in attendance Andy Murray tries to shed his boring image as he readies himself for the climb through the crowd up to the Royal Box

  8. john says:

    new balls please

  9. Lorraine says:

    Cliff Richard trying to ‘perk up’ his singing career by re-releasing ‘Willie and the Hand Jive’!!!

  10. Rob Coish says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Massive Cock-Up on Centre court!

  11. Jenny Gilbert says:

    Tim Henman goes to great lengths to finally step onto centre court for the final

  12. Rob Coish says:

    Rob Coish never tried to hide the fact he was Jewish!

  13. Bryn Oakley says:

    That ball was out! Oh! so was the other one!!

  14. GLENYS GILL says:


  15. Denise Hunt says:

    That’s a cheeky little point!

  16. Paul Ramsden says:

    The new austerity ball boy arrives for his first match.

  17. Mark Powell says:

    Grip This, it’s in, it’s out

  18. Hannah Arnold says:

    ‘Dominika…..Where are you????’

  19. Shirley Taplin says:

    If your happy and you know it clap your hands!!

  20. andrew walker says:

    Can everyone see my wrist bands from there??!!!

  21. andrew walker says:

    TANOY!!! Will Prince Harry please return to the Royal Box???!!!

  22. kath crabbe says:

    JGBM stands for Jolly Good Balls Ma’am!!!

  23. David Samways says:

    Wait, wait, it’s not what it looks like!

  24. Colin says:

    I’ve never seen a racket swung like that before!

  25. Graham Brown says:

    Holy Crap, someone get that man some tick tweezers quick!

  26. Raymond Gilligan says:

    “I said “New balls!” not “Nude balls!!””

  27. ken Wilkinson says:

    Anyone fancy a game of Hoopla.

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