Our ‘Cheeky’ Wimbledon Caption Competition – 2nd Week!

July 10, 2017 | By | 77 Replies More

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Wimbledon themed caption competitions, we had great fun reading all of the comments!

Congratulations to Neil from Surrey who commented with the winning caption from week 2:

“Err, now I’m not sure if this is what the Dr meant when he said to strip off and get in front of some fans when I had my next hot flush?”
 Keep an eye on the post, your prizes are on the way!


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Comments (77)

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  1. Ian says:

    Anyone for hoopla?!!

  2. ken Wilkinson says:

    “Andy Murrays winning Streak continues.”

  3. Mike (JGBM) says:

    ‘…and that’s how you swing to the left’. Jeremy Corbyn addresses the Wimbledon crowd

  4. Michael says:

    Mike always regretted the day he misheard “get Michael Stich out there”!

  5. Trevor Manners says:

    New Balls Please

  6. Philip Warner says:

    Want to see my trick shot! This one is called the no hander!

  7. Paul D says:

    New balls please!!

  8. andy Dawson says:

    Gimme back me jock ya bitch!

  9. Chris Boldick says:

    How many stewards would it take to get a streaker off the court?


  10. Charlotte says:

    When you lose a bet at Wimbledon

  11. Take those black socks off. All white at Wimbledon are the rules!!!

  12. David Marchant says:

    The Guy standing up on the right hand side,in the pale red, short sleeve shirt says to his wife in the green dress
    “I don’t believe it! I had read that the new Head tennis rackets were finely balanced for performance, but with no hands !! You can’t be serious !!! “

  13. Neil Jolley says:

    Pennis, Anyone?

  14. Thomas Ward says:

    New balls please

  15. Harry D says:

    The balls at Wimbledon seem to have the crowd rather impressed this year.

  16. Craig Norton says:

    I said new balls, not old balls please!!

  17. Sergio Galasso says:

    Did someone say “new balls please”?

  18. Alastair Watt says:

    New balls please

  19. julie smith says:

    Excuse me miss, could you hold my balls while I get my huge racket out of my bag?

  20. Harry says:

    “And the Hawk-Eye camera system should give us an idea whether that’s gone over the line or not… it’s hard to tell from this angle, looked to be moving quite a bit in the air… And it’s OUT! I’ve no idea how he managed to get it out from there, will he rue that decision later?”

  21. Rob Rhodes says:

    Anyone got any spare cream for this rash?

  22. Jo Hudson says:

    Will couldn’t wait to show off his new shaft and balls!

  23. Dawn Hobbs says:

    “New Balls Please”

  24. Jon Curtis says:

    New balls please

  25. Jo Hudson says:

    New balls please!

  26. LOUISE BOURKE says:

    You can not be serious the balls are out!

  27. Angela Dolan says:

    NEW BALLS PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  28. Kerry Monks says:

    He is definitely a ball BOY!!!

  29. Craig says:

    Cliff Richard has really pulled out all the stops to keep the crowd entertained this year !!!

  30. Courtney Williams says:

    Introducing Wimbledons 2017 ball boys!

  31. Neil Jolley says:

    New Balls Please!

  32. Allan Webb says:

    New Balls Please

  33. Des says:

    A break in play with “Spot The Ball competition”

  34. Sara Brown says:

    The new Ball Line Technology call an OUT.

  35. Craig says:

    New Balls Please !!

  36. Dallas says:

    New Balls Please

  37. Rebecca McKay says:

    I can keep this tennis ball clenched in between my bum cheeks for at least the first set

  38. Tim Baker says:

    New balls I don’t think so !!!

  39. Danny Mason says:

    “Got any leeches for this!”

  40. Lee says:

    Here’s your chance to play with balls at Wimbledon.

  41. Dale says:

    New balls anyone

  42. AThorpe says:

    Its fun to stay at the YMCA..

  43. DAVID SIMPSON says:

    Remember, keep your eye on the ball(s)…

  44. Jon says:

    The cheek as rival manufacturer propose new balls.

  45. lee bonnick says:

    Now then who can tell me where im gonna hold my balls in?

  46. michael morgan says:

    ‘New Balls Please’

  47. Carol Howell says:


  48. Alan Clarke says:

    New Balls Please!

  49. Mark S says:

    Honestly officer, there were thousands of flying ants in my trousers…

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