England Shock and Disbelief!

I'm not really sure where to begin...

I’m not really sure where to begin, but how about ‘Inept, Abject, Spineless, Listless’.. all words to describe the latest England performance. In 40 years of watching England I can honestly say this was the low of lows. Like most fans I can accept not winning when you have gone out and given everything for the cause, but what happened on Friday was totally unacceptable.

The most perplexing thing is what has happened to our golden boy Wayne Rooney? His performance on Friday was baffling. Love him or loath him the fact is he is our only world class player and if we are going to make an impact we have to get the best out of him, but he was miles off the pace, his touch was that of a clown and most of the time he looked like a fish out of water (there is actually such a thing as a Clown Fish..Ed). Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse he reacted badly to the chorus of well earned boos on the final whistle and then had to hastily apologise for his ” heat of the moment” tantrum!

Either way we are lucky to have another chance on Wednesday, and a win over Slovenia will guarantee us going through and all that has gone on before will be forgotten. I’m sure I speak for the nation when I say ” come on boys roll up your sleeves  get stuck in and show us you care”

Elsewhere isn’t it great to see the French  in disarray and almost out! It just shows  you have to have unity and spirit in your camp. Apparently Anelka was sent home yesterday, well I have seen both there games so far and I am yet to be convinced he was there to start with!

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