Not A Disaster……… But Almost!!

So did you enjoy that?!! No neither did I. Why is it watching England is absolute torture, going through every emotion known to man! The first thing to say is that Capello had some major decisions to make regarding selection and you have to say he got them wrong. Whilst I feel sorry for Robert Green my Grandmother would have saved that! It will surely be a new contender for the No.1 blooper in World Cup history.

The selection of Milner was also baffling, he had been suffering all week with a virus and by the look of it was suffering from the ‘ Black Death ‘ by kick off! At least Fabio realised the error and brought him off,  surely  to be replaced by the sparkling Joe Cole……. but no, who’s this I cried –  “tell me it’s not Wright- Phillips”?!

Emile Heskey had a fine game, made the Goal and was a handful for the USA all night, but when the chance came to be a hero, clean through with only the keeper to beat, a little composure needed….. aah. Unfortunately  that’s just not Heskey I’m afraid, blasting it straight at the advancing keeper, as my wife shouted “why didn’t he slot it either side”. Where’s my Grandmother again, she was a quality finisher!

My Grandmother - surely a likely starter on Friday?

In a game where little went right apart from the first 5 minutes, Carragher is another concern. He came on for the injured King and looked well past his sell by date, his lack of pace was almost comical! So in short a lot to work on before we tackle the mighty Algeria on Friday, I would expect some changes but with Fabio you never know!

Elsewhere in general it’s been a positive start, the fans have been fantastic and the games have been enjoyable with the odd exception. The only downside would have to be that dreadfull vuvuzela noise – come on FIFA ban it NOW!!


  1. Very, very similar to my preferred eleven. Dawson/Carragher is much of a muchness and I would start with Gary Barry but be more than happy for Carrick to fill the role if necessary.


  2. With Terry and Carragher or Dawson (surely not Upson) England will lack pace in the heart of the defence, but will have defenders who put their bodies on the line, and crucially, read the game well. I think Capello will have to play Carrick as a holding midfielder which means there’s no room for Lampard and Gerrard. Unless.. you play Gerrard as a support striker behind Rooney (the one thing Rafa got right at Liverpool). No room for Heskey, but massively increased goal threat.

    My line up would be:

    Johnson Terry Dawson Cashley
    Lennon Carrick Lampard Joe Cole

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