Win great prizes with our Wimbledon Caption Competition!

Get into the Wimbledon spirit with our celebrity caption competition that could see you win a Luxury Box of Z Chocolat Chocolates in a mahogany box (worth £96.26!) or an 8 pack selection box of some delicious Portlebay Popcorn.

All you need to do is think of a clever or funny caption for this image of Stephen Fry, Bruce Forsyth, Comedienne Kathy Lette and the Duke of Kent at Wimbledon and enter it as a reply below.

Maximum two entries per person. All approved entries will be shown. The best caption wins the Luxury Chocolates, with the two runner-ups winning boxes of popcorn.
The comments that make us laugh the most wins…Prizes will be announced on Friday 10th July just before the finals. Good Luck!

ENTER OUR CAPTION COMPETITION! Stephen Fry, Bruce Forsyth, Kathy Lette and the Duke of Kent at Wimbledon

Congratulations to the three winners of this Wimbledon Caption Competition!

The winning caption was:

‘There’s a high rate of divorce amongst tennis players…because love means nothing to them’ – Kit, lucky winner of the box of Z Chocolat.

The runners up were: 

‘Brucie : So I just pushed Princess Michael of Kent like this and I had the best view on Centre Court!’ – Suttles of Malden, winner of the Portlebay Sample Crate

‘He needs to get a wig like mine, the sun is shining off his head right in to my eyes.’ – Brian, winner of the Portlebay Sample Crate

Congratulations again and thank you for playing. 


  1. Stephen:I just had to pay £5 for two servings of strawberries.
    Bruce: I don’t think The Price Is Right.
    Lady in front: Gosh did you hear that? We could have strawberries for only £5.That’s ace!

  2. Is the lady behind Bruce saying “It makes me mmmmaaaaddd, of all the *#**@*ing people to sit next to … SPOTTY DRESS ENVY!”

  3. Lady in the front : I wish those people behind us would let up and stop making a racket
    Duke of Kent : I think they must be the court jesters

  4. lady talking to the Duke:
    Teddy, do you think one could have a word with your cuz to see if we can have the Royal box next year, who are this riff raff ????

  5. Brucie : So I just pushed Princess Michael of Kent like this and I had the best view on Centre Court!

  6. Bruce Good Game Good Game But I have just spotted Cliff and it’s starting to rain so get ready to make for the exits.

  7. Brucie “Nice to see you to see you nice Stephen but I’m not to impressed with Elton’s new Sunglasses and wig” Stephen ” It’s not Elton Brucie but that American comedienne Ruby Wax!!!”
    Lady at the front ” I thought Brucie was dead” Duke of Kent ” No. He’s still going even if he has got to be as old as both of us put together!”

  8. Brucie to Stephen-
    Dont worry Stephen they have a roof on centre court now,so we wont have
    Sir cliff singing summer holiday again !

  9. “Stephen ‘ are you enjoying this game Bruce ???’ , ‘Bruce definitely, GOOD GAME GOOD GAME ‘ Stephen one of the players is definitely playing his CARDS RIGHT TODAY ‘

  10. Is the Lady on the left saying to the Duke of Kent…’It’s tennis dear, you’re at the tennis’…
    Brucie’s saying..’Keep working them with your foot Stephen’

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