What makes the GBC Foton 30 Laminator the New King of Office Automation?

GBC’s Foton 30 is a fully automated pouch free laminator. The machine has been described as “like an extra pair of hands in the office” because of its helpful and time-saving capabilities. As a result, it has taken the industry by storm.

Following the buzz around the GBC Foton 30, Acco Brand Manager, Aaron Blom, demonstrates the laminator’s impressive features, in the above video.

The Top 5 Features of the Foton 30 Laminator…

  • Automatically laminates up to 30 sheets in one load with 98% time-saving capabilities
  • ‘Hot’ laminates A4, A3 or Banner Size Documents.
  • Automatically Autofeeds and Deskews for perfectly aligned documents
  • Manual Mode for Odd Size Documents
  • Low film indicator light – So you can order another Cartridge!

The Hottest on the market at the moment!

Much like all technology, the laminator has had to evolve through the years. As previously mentioned, The GBC Foton 30 is a hot topic amongst the office product industry.

GBC’s Foton 30 is the world’s first automated thermal roll laminator. As far as laminating speed functions go, this machine promises up to 98% time-saving techniques, wide format laminator settings ensuring that all document sizes, including banners, or standard letter size paper, can be laminated. The machine also offers a flurry of other sparkling features that differentiate it from standard laminations.

Find out more product information on GBC’s Foton 30

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