The Season So Far!

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If anyone had been out of the country for the last 2 months and was shown the Premier League table they would either die laughing or cry for the rest of the day! Which team am I talking about I hear you say …… the once ” Mighty Liverpool ” of course. It is beyond belief what has been going on there and to find them 2nd bottom is quite frankly ludicrous for such a club.

Morecombe + Wise

They have been in decline ever since they let the two American ‘investors’ come over to supposedly run the show, and whilst the upset off the field has undoubtedly contributed to the poor run of results this cannot be used to cover up all short comings at the club. Anfield used to be a ” fortress “, but now look at it! I never  thought I would see Blackpool go there and play them off the park!

At the other end it’s business as usual with Chelsea already 5 points clear. They have benefited from a pretty easy start to the campaign and whilst not always easy on the eye, they, unlike Arsenal for instance, know how to play badly and still pick up points.

Manchester City have started very well and may prove to be the main opposition, they like Chelsea seem to be making themselves hard to beat despite not always playing well.

I feel it’s a big game for Arsenal this weekend as they go to Man City, they need to start winning these big games, if nothing else but for the health of Arsene  Wenger. He has spent most of the season so far looking as if he could explode into thin air at any minute! To be fair it must be frustrating sitting there watching your team playing the ” beautiful game ” without finishing teams off, I still feel they are weak, mentally.

Man Utd have also had a strange start, they seem to be letting soft goals in at one end and not finishing with their normal efficiency at the other. What odds would you have got at half time on Saturday that West Brom would come back and draw! Strange days indeed but at least it gives something other than X Factor and Strictly to talk about come Monday mornings!!

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  1. Adrian (JGBM) says:

    What the hell is Rooney on!!!

  2. mark says:

    Chelsea not easy on the eye???!!!
    they top the lelague, have scored the most goals and conceded the fewest.
    not easy on the eye?
    easy start to the season? ummmm ask Man Utd how they got on against West Brom? then check the Chelsea score. 6-0 win
    still easy? i guess so, as Man U are now a club in crisis lol

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