Spot the Ball & WIN!

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Welcome to our fun ‘Spot the Ball’ competition!

We’ve taken an image from Wimbledon 2011 and have ‘added’ a tennis ball in one of the grid squares below. All you need to do is simply reply to this thread, telling us which box you think the tennis ball is in and we’ll draw a winner from all of the correct entries! To keep with the tennis & Wimbledon theme, we have some rare and fun Strawberry related prizes to give away, Matt claims them to be delicious! Please note that you can pick up to two boxes each. Good luck!

Spot the Ball and win in our fun competition!

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  1. Victor M says:

    E6 E7

  2. SUEQOS says:

    7D AND 8E



  4. lancerice says:

    D4 and C7

  5. sarah says:

    8b and 8c


  6. jasper1973 says:


  7. Boozious says:

    A1 & F9

  8. Julian says:

    E7 & E6

  9. adrian2207 says:

    4A & 6B

  10. Mario Rabaiotti says:

    5A and 7C

  11. woody says:

    D5 please

  12. Sue J says:

    8D & 4B

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