Our World Cup Caption Competition – Week 1!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our World Cup themed caption competitions, we had great fun reading all of the comments!

Congratulations to Peter from The Roman Group who commented with the winning caption:

“Like Ukraine, when I get my hands on it your not getting it back…”

 Keep an eye on the post, your prizes are on the way!


  1. Suspicions were aroused at Russia’s annual ‘Bring your Dad to School Day’ when the winner of the Papier Mâché World Cup making Competition proudly showed off his creation.

  2. Mr President, is it true that if you insure your care with Compare the market .com – that you get a replica world cup?

    It sure is, I insured my Lada last week with Compare the market .com and the FSB delivered this to me this morning.

  3. Yes, this was one of the first designs we had for our Fabergé eggs back in 1885, but as you guys were not around then playing football, we opted for a more convention design.

  4. Meanwhile back in Germany his ex-wife is bowing her head and wondering where on earth is he gonna be “Putin” that 🙂

  5. For the last time Donald, yes we can go to the cinema, no I am not a Meerkat and I am telling you that this is not made of chocolate!

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