Win great prizes with our Wimbledon Caption Competition!

Get into the Wimbledon spirit with our celebrity caption competition that could see you
win a selection of goodies or a tube of tennis balls!

All you need to do is think of a funny or clever caption for this image of David Cameron & Boris Johnson and enter it as a reply below.

Maximum two entries per person. All approved entries will be shown.

The comments that make us laugh the most, wins! Prizes will be announced on Friday 8th July just before the finals. Good Luck!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our caption competition, we had great fun reading all of them!

Congratulations Dale who commented with the winning caption:
“I wish Cliff would stop singing”


Keep an eye on the post, your prizes are on the way!


  1. Two little little Dicky birds
    Having wine in Paris
    One name David, One named Boris
    Open your eyes, birdies! Look, there’s a ball,
    You are in the UK, not in Paris at all!

  2. Playing the Brexit Referendum Short Squeeeeze shot was always going to be difficult!

    When analysts predicted a spending squeeze for Brexit Britain I didn’t expect to feel it as well David! Deuce!

  3. Caption no.1 : “Ah yes Boris! That’s it, that’s the spot old chap! oooft!” *Boris making inaudible gasping noises*

    Caption no.2 : David: “I’m glad I picked the seat with the hole on the bottom!” Boris “Me too old boy!”

    Caption no.3 : *sometime in the near future after Brexit* “We really messed up, didn’t we”

  4. Cameron – “I’d kill for a number 2 right now”
    Johnson – “I feel your pain; I’d kill for number 10 right now”

  5. ‘Gottle of Geer, Gottle of Geer Whyninister sir’

    ‘Hey Boris, Stop It! I’m the Dummy now the country voted leave’

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