Today we launched TechStuff!

Today we are launching TechStuff!

A fresh new marketing strategy from JGBM designed to bring office technology based promotions direct to your customers, in a modern format, working seamlessly on tablets and smartphones. A must have marketing tool for the modern dealer!

Click here to see the TechStuff! before signing up!

What is it?

  • FREE quarterly technology e-catalogue for your customers
  • Increases your sales in office technology
  • Links to product PDF’s and embedded video
  • Works seamlessly on smartphone & tablet
  • The latest products and promotions from the top brands, to make you competitive in Print, Shredding, Labelling, Dictation etc.
  • Features a number of ‘exclusive to TechStuff!’ promotions
  • Features unique JGBM data
  • Choose the complete catalogue or selected categories: PrintStuff!, ShredStuff!, LabelStuff!, RecordStuff!, etc.
  • Choose from three different ‘sell price’ bands

What do I do with it?

  • Feature TechStuff! on your website – pre-designed banners provided!
  • Share with your customers via Email and Social Media
  • Customised with your Company details *
  • Links to your website product pages *

Click here to sign up for Free, or choose customised options!

*chargeable option

Techstuff MAGAZINE Website

In addition to the TechStuff! digital e-catalogue for dealers. The marketing team have also created a techstuff magazine website, an on-line magazine for tech in the home and office. The TechStuff Magazine website’s aim is to raise awareness of new and existing products supplied by manufacturers and brands in the office products market. By creating an engaging information site and technology blog, it acts as a source for the latest in technology for the home & office environment. An example of awareness comes via its technology blog with posts such as the

It will target Business IT Professionals, IT managers, Business Owners, Company Directors, Purchase Managers, Techy people in business.
TechStuff Magazine – a digital magazine that keeps you updated with the latest in tech

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