Time to get your garden organised!

Getting organised - indoors and outdoors!

Brother’s GL-200 Handheld Garden Label Printer is a great tool to help you get your garden organised. The labels created by the machine are rain proof, humidity and fade proof, heat resistant and frost resistant. So whatever the weather, your labels will last, even if your plants struggle to adapt.

Using a labeller in the garden is also a great way of ensuring that potentially dangerous garden chemicals are identified and stored safely.

Ideal labelling solution for your garden

If you’re not the outdoors type, labellers can also be used in the home and office. Whether you’re identifying folders or food in the freezer, labellers are incredibly versatile. Brother’s PT-2730 VP has a time and date setting, making it easy to add the date and time to your labels.

GL-200 - a useful labelling machine for the garden.
GL-200 - a useful labelling machine for the garden.

Brother’s PT-2730 has a full QWERTY keyboard and large LCD screen for ease of use. The carry case and mains adaptor mean that you can use it at home as well as in the office.

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