The most exciting league in the world!

After the debacle of the World Cup it’s great to welcome back the Premiership. There is no doubt it is the most exciting league in the world. Sure the Spanish league is huge on quality but the tempo of the game is much slower and lacks the cut and thrust of our game. The summer has been a quiet time for transfers with not many eye catching moves, so I suspect the Big Three (sorry Liverpool fans)  will again battle it out for the title. 

There is no doubt Alex Ferguson hates to lose and I feel Utd will start the season firing. They have signed an interesting prospect in  the Mexican Hernandez. If he can adapt quickly to his new surroundings he could make an impact because he has the one thing Utd have lacked in recent years, pace up front.

Chelsea are bound to be hard to beat, but I just wonder after winning the Premiership last year if  the main focus will be that elusive Champions League that Abramovic craves.  I really can see them going close in Europe this year.

Now that Fabregas has committed to Arsenal for surely his final season it must have given the club a massive boost. How refreshing in these days of  ” player power ” that Wenger refused to sell and that Fabregas accepted the decision, both come out with great credit. As usual they will probably play some majestic football this year but ultimately, will it be ” Trophy winning Football “?

As for the 4th placed team, take your pick from Liverpool, Everton, Man City, Spurs and Villa. As usual these days, City have spent £millions but as last year proved, it doesn’t mean instant success and I’m not sure Mancini is the right man to bring back the glory days. I have a feeling that Spurs over achieved last year and this year will be harder as the fans expectations are raised.

Everton and Villa will be competitive without quite managing to hit the very top, and then there’s Liverpool who at least this year have a shrewd and knowledgeable manager in Roy Hodgson. He will bring unity back to the club and they will surely do better this term.

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