Our World Cup Caption Competition – Final Week!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our World Cup themed caption competitions, we had great fun reading all of the comments!

Congratulations to Dana who commented with the winning caption:

“Damn! All that faffing about doing my waistcoat up and I forgot to put my bloody trousers on!”


  1. Gareth…I know you have just won a years subscription to “Tailoring Monthly” and you are obviously excited.

    But…could you just tone it down a bit and concentrate on today’s game!

  2. Gareth successfully processes his first online return with JGBM in under 60 seconds! Ask the sales team for more details! 🙂 01752 330044

    This caption was brought to you by the UK’s leading office machines distributor! JGBM.CO.UK

  3. Gareth expresses emotions as he learns JGBM are still the leading UK distributor of office machines! – Call the experts on 01752 330044 🙂

  4. Gareth suddenly realises the ‘performance enhancer’ he bought off the Russian coach was actually Novichok Aaaaaaaaggghhh!!!!!

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