Our Wimbledon Caption Competition – Week 1!

July 1, 2019 | By | 14 Replies More

Get into the Wimbledon spirit with our caption competition and be in with the chance to win some tennis balls!

All you need to do is think of a funny or clever caption for this image of John McEnroe and enter it as a reply below.

The top three captions that make us laugh the most will win 3 cans of tennis balls (12 balls)!

Only JGBM account holders are eligible to win. Maximum two entries per person. All approved entries will be shown. Entries must be in by end of play Friday 5th July to qualify and the winner will be announced on Monday 8th July.

Good luck and make us laugh!

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  1. Mark Powell says:

    Little orphan Annie is all grown up

  2. Paul Davies says:

    Swap me the raquet for some balls, i’ll show you how to Juggle!

  3. Susan Key says:

    It cannot be Kyrgios!!!

  4. jennifer mason says:

    “the ball was supposed to land on my racquet, not on my head!”

  5. George Williams says:

    Look umpire, I was wrong, the ball wasn’t out, but I didn’t deserve your full hairdryer experience!

  6. James Nelson says:

    John Mc-who?? I’m Vera Duckworth, mate.

  7. James Nelson says:

    It was safe to say that John McEnroe’s scouse impression needed some work.

  8. Boris Johnson’s love child confused at size of wiff-waff bats at west London venue.

  9. Peter Pull says:

    You can not be Serious, Fellaini this is my real hair!!!!!!! Come on…..

  10. Mcenroe asked the line judge for a ruling when he was told his short and curlies were showing!

  11. “Harpo” Mcenroe is finally silenced!

  12. karen penn says:

    Hey macarena


    You put you left arm in your right arm out and do the hooky kooky and the ball is in, that’s what tennis is about

  13. Dee says:

    Boris Johnson wins Wimbledon

  14. Lorraine says:

    Please sir, can I have a ball!!!

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