Spring Competition…Mad March Mayhem!

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Competition - For all you budding Wordworths...

Spring is rapidly approaching and it’s a time for us to wax Lyrical to speed the coming sunny days.
So enter our competition and write us a poem about office life!

For example:

I was sitting at my desktop
when a new e-mail popped in
JGBM’s new flyer
with a prize for me to win
I hastily responded
and to my great surprise
upon my desk that weekend
arrived my JG prize!

For those of you that need a hand getting started you could just finish of this example poem:

I was sitting on the scanner when the boss came by and said
I’m sorry to disturb you
But . . . . . .

Add your comments and entries below.  The best entry wins a Mystery Prize!

Good luck!


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  1. ELMI ROBERTS says:

    The clock is ticking faster
    It’s almost 5 o’clock
    The sun is still shining
    and I haven’t stopped
    Laminators, printers during the day they all work fine
    So why do they all break down when I want my glass of wine

  2. Kate Machat says:

    I had a little enquiry just a week ago
    I was in a quandry as to who’s best price would show
    I checked all the ususal susects for the best on my little gem
    Who came out tops again but J G B M

  3. Andy Ross says:

    But that’s no way to get a tan,
    I’ll let you off just this once,
    Since I’m the better man!

  4. Andy Ross says:

    Buttocks that need warming,
    Should take the summer breeze,
    Arses that need firing,
    Come and see me at my desk!!

  5. Mike Wright says:

    I love to sell a shredder
    It gives me such a thrill
    But I sent it to a client
    and they shredded up my bill!

  6. Rob Andrews says:

    I was sitting on the scanner when the boss came by and said
    I’m sorry to disturb you, scan your p45 instead!

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