JGBM X St. Luke’s Men’s Day Out

Seeing our team get behind Men’s Day Out fills us with a great deal of pride. It’s a testament to their commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a workplace where vulnerability is not just accepted but applauded. It’s a reflection of the values that drive us here at JGBM Ltd – values like empathy, authenticity, and above all, taking care of each other.

We wanted to personally thank: Adrian, Mark, Colin, Gary, Rob, Liam, Jamie, Jack and Aaron

So, what is Men’s Day Out?
Men’s Day Out goes beyond the conventional idea of casual socialising. It’s not just about having a good time with friends, family, and colleagues; it’s a meaningful initiative that delves into the often-overlooked realm of men’s mental well-being and the profound impact of loss on their lives. It provides a platform for self-reflection, encouraging open conversations about emotions that men may conceal. Our colleagues’ active participation reflects their commitment to breaking societal norms, fostering an environment that promotes expression and support.

Through Men’s Day Out, we strive not only to promote mental wellness but also to reshape cultural narratives surrounding masculinity. By acknowledging and addressing the profound impact of loss on men’s lives, we aim to foster a workplace culture that values empathy, authenticity, and holistic well-being.

We are so very proud of our colleagues taking part. 

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