‘Dealers Have Talent’ – Caption Competition

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Welcome to ‘Dealer’s Have Talent’!

As the mighty BBC and ITV battle for supremacy in the Saturday night ratings war, we give you the chance to prove that ‘Dealer’s Have Talent’ by winning a Bottle of Bubbly in our fun Caption Competition! Simply look at the picture below and post a reply with the most amusing captions you can think of, and our panel of judges – armed with big, red buzzers – will select a winner!

Good luck!

The Winner of this Caption Competition is Mario with:
Will you get your hand away from my buzzer!

Well done Mario a bottle of Bubbly will be on it’s way to you very soon!

Caption Competition featuring Simon Cowell and David Walliams on Britains Got Talent

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  1. Byron Greedy says:

    So, who won?

  2. Rob Falconer says:

    David Walliams listens enthralled as Matt Lucas explains his new hair-restoring technique

  3. Office Ninja says:

    OMG – This nail varnish will just not dry!

  4. Dymo King says:

    I think I overdid it with the botox treatments…

  5. Nigel Tutty says:

    No i will not go out with you

  6. ken wilkinson says:

    “Sorry,I forgot to tell you they were Extra Strong Mints.”

  7. Mario Rabaiotti says:

    Will you get your hand away from my buzzer!

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