Christmas Swordfish Caption Competition!


T’was the fortnight before Christmas and all through the office not a creature was stirring, not even a (computer) mouse… The photo was hung by our Marketing Team with care, in the hope that funny captions would soon be there!

Get into the festive spirit with our Swordfish caption competition that could see you win all you want for Christmas!

All you need to do is think of a clever or funny caption for this image of Daniel Craig enjoying a festive treat and enter it as a reply below.


All approved entries submitted before 5pm on 18th December will be shown. The best caption wins £50 Love2Shop voucher with the runners up winning a Swordfish Slimline A4 Trimmer & the Swordfish Superslim A4 Laminator bundle, 800XC Cross Cut Shredder or a Variplug Dual USB Universal Travel Adapter.
The comments that make us laugh the most win! Winners will be announced on Monday 21st December.

Merry Christmas and Good Luck!


Thanks to everyone who took part! The Winner is….




  1. Bond smiled, as Cakes with cherries or icing normally left James gasping for breath, crushed to death. Luckily, this one had nothing Onatopp.

  2. I was sent this cake On Her Majesties secret service. I said where did it come from? I was told it was sent From Russia with Love and that it was For my eyes only. I took a bite, but felt unwell. I was asked if I had eaten much? I replied, Dr. No I hadn’t. If you had he replied you could have died!! That really scared The Living Daylights out of me.

  3. Daniels now retired as 007, he’s out of the action

    He’s smiling at a bun, in a JGBM xmas caption

    He could be a hero by defeating ISIS

    Or work in sales at JGBM and give us better prices..!

  4. 1.’Yes Moneypenny, I saved the world again – was it difficult? No, a piece of cake’.

    2.One’s a beffcake, the other’s a fairy cake…but which is which?

    3.Dealing with JGBM having saved the world yet again is just the icing on the cake

  5. 1) L4YER CAKE

    2) “More cake, Mister Bond?”

    3) Who cares about frostbite, when you have frosting?

    4) This cake looks as dry as my martini

    5) Coming soon, to a cinema near you: Bond – The Retirement Years

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