Avery Labels now at JGBM!

Whether you need to send mail out fast or organise your office, Avery have the right label for you! Their comprehensive label range will help save you time at work and at home.

Address Labels
 – Large or small mailings is made easy with this label range.

Parcel Labels – Want to save time when preparing items for dispatch?  Avery have developed a range of specialist parcel labels, so whatever you are sending you will find a label to match your needs.

Multipurpose Labels – Whether you’ve got a laser or inkjet printer, whatever you need to label, there will be the right label for you in this range.

Filing Labels – Avery’s range of labels for organising will help ensure you never miss a deadline or lose a document again!

Click here for our range of Avery labels

Avery labels offer a number of unique features, making common labelling issues a thing of the past.

QuickPEEL™ Labels

QuickPEEL™ allows labels to be easily taken from the sheet by removing a strip of the backing paper, revealing the edge of each label. You will never have to go through the pain of picking away at the corner of a label again!


QuickDRY™ labels

Print and use straight away with QuickDRY™ labels. Ink dries instantly to avoid smudging when handling and applying your labels, saving you time.


BlockOut™ Labels

Avery BlockOut™ technology creates a completely opaque barrier to hide what’s underneath your label, whether it’s an old label from pre-used packaging or a pattern on the box, BlockOut™ will allow you to re-use that old box or envelope and make it look new.


JamFREE™ Guarantee

The Avery JamFree™ guarantee means that your product is produced and formatted in a way that prevents adhesives bleeding into your printer. This will give you peace of mind by ensuring no printer jams due to adhesive build up.

With the FREE Avery Label Creator you can design and print your labels with ease! 

Avery have been developing template and software solutions for over 20 years and offer various FREE tools to help you print. To get the most out of your products we recommend using their online Label Creator – the free and easy way to design, edit and print Avery products. It allows you to select and personalise templates, generate labels from excel databases and print successfully every time. Once on the site, you will find all sorts of inspiring pre-designs, templates and creative tools.

Click here for the Avery Label Creator

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