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DISCUSSION AREA – Hi everybody, thank you for participating in the JGBM EURO 2016 Prediction Game! You can add your competition thoughts & comments as the tournament progresses. Competition winners will be announced here too. Let us know how you are getting on!

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    • Joz says:

      So pleased to win the M&S vouchers! Had a fab time playing the game and it added an extra dimension to watching the matches.
      I’d be interested in a premiership game.
      Many thanks

  1. jasper1973 says:

    What’s the crack with the Golden Ball – when I save my predictions it goes grey again?

    • Mike (JGBM) says:

      Hi Jasper1973 it looks like you played your Golden Ball on the very first game and doubled up your score to 6 points.
      Unfortunately you only get one!

  2. Hayz (JGBM) says:

    Hey Roy what you doing?

    Just Practising –

    OOOOOOOOhh Chicken dinosaurs £1!!!!

  3. Mike (JGBM) says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO Bullman who wins a Euro (dare I mention the word) 2016 Football and to Jlister who wins the tabletop football game… Have fun!

  4. 7officesam says:

    “Oy Wilshere, get your tongue out of Roys Arse! I don’t care if that’s how you get in the team”

  5. jbanger says:

    Now I’ve applied that we shouldn’t have squeaky bum time against Iceland on Monday

  6. Julie says:

    Must cut down on the croissants, these lucky pants are starting to chafe

  7. Dandyl says:

    Good Game Good Game. Time for a brucy Bonus

  8. markBDM (JGBM) says:

    Look Mum, im on TV!

  9. cclarke (JGBM) says:

    Well now we know where Tight Arse Rovers gets his name from!

  10. Mike (JGBM) says:

    CAPTION COMPETITION – Funniest comment will win a Euro 2016 Football…

  11. Mike (JGBM) says:

    The JGBM employees are also playing the EURO 2016 Prediction game. You will be pleased to know that that they do not qualify for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes advertised and therefore you can discount any player with (JGBM) after their name on the leaderboard. They are joining in the fun and playing for their own internal prizes. So most of you should go up a few places!

  12. Mike says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to Dandyl & Hayes66 winners of the weekly Spot prizes – A shiny new officially licenced football (Dandyl)and a table top football game (Hayes66) are in the post!
    Euro 2016 Licenced Football

  13. Craig says:

    Whats a Golden Ball, how come I’ve not seen this mentioned before?

    • Mike says:

      Hi Craig, It’s in the RULES, In some of the emails that have been sent out and at the footer of the ADD PREDICTIONS page. ;o)
      NEW for 2016 – Each player has ONE ‘Golden Ball’, if you select the Golden Ball (or Joker) icon next to any match, the points you earn for that match will be doubled! You can place the golden ball next to any match, and can change your mind and move it to a different match, as long as that match is still outside of 15 minutes before kick off. After this time, the golden ball is activated and your prediction for the match is locked. Use it wisely!

  14. Mike says:

    Congratulations to NATALIE who correctly predicted the result of the Ireland – Sweden game AND wisely used her GOLDEN BALL to score 14 points and jump herself 95 places up the leaderboard!

  15. Mike says:

    The Bonus Question not being added to your score has been fixed!
    The correct answer to the Fellowes question was ‘Printers’ – Interestingly 15% of you got that wrong!

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