Are you prepared for GDPR?

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With the deadline of 25th May 2018 fast approaching, we are finding that both dealers and manufacturers alike are starting to really focus on what GDPR means for our industry and our customers. Confusion and fear over the possible fines seem to be everywhere and we are receiving daily requests from dealers regarding customer concerns.

As far as we can see, re-sellers will need to approach GDPR from two sides as they ensure their own compliance and help their customers to become GDPR ready. Whilst most of the media focus is currently on the digital collection, storage and processing of data, the ICO reports that 1 in 5 UK data breeches in 2016 were paper based, against just 1 in 10 cyber breeches.

The simple fact is that each company will have different issues to address so there really is no “one size fits all” approach. However, we do know that some simple processes and office equipment can help nearly everyone with compliance procedures.

Printing – Confidential information is routinely left unattended in printers and copiers every day. Secure print facilities; where a job is held in the machine until the user puts in a PIN or uses an ID card to collect it, can eliminate this vulnerability with a single purchase.

Scanning – The “Subject Right to Access” means that held data must be provided upon request, in a commonly used electronic format. Ensuring that all paper documents are digitised and securely stored will go a long way to helping to ensure that companies can actually locate and provide the data upon request.

Shredding – incoming mail, copies of invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes and anything else with a name, telephone number, e-mail or postal address will need to be secured; the best advice is to securely destroy paper documents with a cross cut shredder the moment they are no longer required. “Digitise and Destroy” should become a mantra in every office.

Privacy Filters – With more and more information being displayed on screens, both inside offices and on the move, there is more and more opportunity for prying eyes to see information that they should not have access to. 71% of UK professionals admitted to reading other peoples work over their shoulder in a 2013 survey of 2000 workers by Fellowes.

Professional Dictation Devices – Cassette-based voice recorders and entry-level digital recorders have little to no security and are lost and stolen every day; if a recording mentions someone by name, or includes any other personally identifiable information, that loss is a data breech. Simply upgrading to a device that requires a PIN to unlock, or has encryption built in, will ensure that no unauthorised access can occur.

These are just a few examples of areas where a re-seller can offer real value to end users when recommending products and having GDPR discussions with their customers.

The JGBM sales team can assist you further with specific product information and recommendations on 01752 330044 if you would like to discuss any of these issues in more detail.

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